Telehealth Services

Vivere Drip Therapy

Access to care when you need it most for a low fee of $80

Book an appointment, receive your exam, and get a prescription sent to your pharmacy by the end of your visit!

Services Offered:


Heartburn, Food Poisoning, Diarrhea & Upset Stomach


Sinusitis, Allergies, Cold, Flu, Sore Throat, Earache




Vaginal Yeast, UTI


Rash, Hives, Poison Oak/Ivy

What to Expect

Before Your Visit
  1. Book appointment online

  2. Get card for payment ready

  3. (If you have blood pressure machine) Bring it to the phone 

During Your Visit
  1. Sit in a well lit area 

  2. Click on link sent via Kareo to your text or email

  3. Please remember to click “Give Access” to microphone and camera

  4. You will then be placed in a meeting room until you are let in by the provider.

After Your Visit
  1. Your After Visit Summary will be available in the Patient Portal within 1 hour to show your primary care provider

  2. Please follow up with your Primary Care provider within 24-48 hours for update and review of your condition. 

  3. Please feel free to give us a review on our website or Google Business Page. Thank you!

Things to Know

You must reside in the State of California to receive services.

  • You will be treated by a physician assistant or mid-level practitioner
  • We do not do primary care services. We are unable to bridge medicines prescribed by your primary care provider 
  • We only provide visit-related medications, not routine refills. Talk to your primary care provider or visit your pharmacy for refills. 
  • We do not prescribe narcotics, such as opioids. No medication is stored on site. 
  • We do not order labs at this time
  • We do not accept insurance. You may use your receipt for reimbursement with your insurance plan
  • If the provider deems that your condition requires higher level care you will not be charged for this visit. You will be referred to the Urgent Care or Emergency Room. 
  • If your condition is ongoing and you may need follow up care, the best resource is through your primary care physician.

Our Hours of Operation are 9am-7pm Tuesday – Friday, Saturdays 10am-4pm, and Closed Sundays. 

You may book on our website or by phone (831) 253-9537.

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We are here to get you access to quality healthcare when you need it most.

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