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Types of IV Drips


Forever Young

Feel Great, Look Flawless



Fight the Jet Lag & Focus again


The Big Sur

Boost your defense to recover from a cold faster


The Sunshine Boost

Reduce Headache & Cure Nausea

Buy 3 get 1 50% off! (Must pay for package deal with appointments booked)

Types of Injections


B Complex Vitamins

Improve your Overall Well-being


Lipo B

Get a Major Health Boost



Anti-inflammatory, Pain Relief



Prevent feelings of nausea & vomiting before they happen


James C.

Came here on a whim because I wasn’t feeling great during a company conference, could’ve been jet lag or something, but wow…
After receiving the CEO treatment I think its called, I was awake during day-long meetings without drinking tons of coffee and felt good enough to enjoy the evenings in beautiful Monterey. Really can’t wait to come back an see more, but I’d definitely visit Anne again whenever I do. She was a total sweetheart and professional, put me at ease from the moment I got there (because I get weird around needles). We talked a bit about her background and she had me laughing with her stories to the point where I could successfully manage my fear. And once everything was done, I almost didn’t want to leave! LOL I probably was a bit chatty but they were awesome every step of the way!!!! I hope next year my company can send us back and I’ll have a few coworkers join me since they can do groups too!

Metasebia B.

Annie and her staff have an amazing bedside manner! It is very hard for nurses or doctors to access my veins. She was patient and got a vein on the first try! That for me is a celebration!!

I love the room’s atmosphere! It’s very calming and relaxing!! She’s very knowledgeable of her products. Come enjoy the benefits of Vivere Drip Therapy and feel ALIVE AGAIN!!!!

Chris Fenton

After a “car week of debauchery” I was looking for IV Therapy and used the online booking. Staff called me to confirm the appointment. Friendly staff. Anne the owner is very personable and knowledgeable. Super friendly. I was on a mission and I knew what I wanted, so this was perfect. Easy, no up selling, no frills. 1000mL for me and 500mL for the wife. Left feeling much better.

Wendy Brickman

Vivere Therapy provides a high quality caring concierge service for a wide variety of health challenges, helping you to get the vitamins you need and increased energy. I love that they will come to your home or you can to one of their locations. Anne Bayliss has over 26 years of experience which enables her to give you a custom solution for your health issues. Check out Vivere Therapy for you and your loved ones!

Eden Bekele

Hello everyone! Have you heard about this hidden gem tucked away in Carmel? I was in town visiting my sister and, while we were out running errands, I stumbled upon “Vivere Drip Therapy.” Without hesitation, I called them up and booked an appointment.

I mentioned to Anne that I was in town to visit family and would be leaving in a few days. She kindly scheduled me for the very next day. The ambiance of the place is simply delightful – it’s cozy, impeccably clean, and incredibly inviting. Anne escorted me to a serene room, ensured my comfort, and explained the procedure. To my surprise, I didn’t experience any discomfort at all; she was incredibly gentle. I left feeling completely rejuvenated and energized – it was the most unexpectedly wonderful experience.

If I lived closer, I’d be a regular here, but I’ll definitely make it a point to visit whenever I’m in town. You should check it out too!

Jay Bekele

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Vivere Drip Therapy, and it was an incredible experience. As someone who values their health, I’ve always been curious about IV hydration therapy. Vivere Drip Therapy exceeded my expectations in every way. Their exceptional service and knowledgeable staff truly impressed me. From start to finish, it was a remarkable experience that set a high standard for the industry.

If you’re looking to boost your well-being, increase your energy levels, or simply treat yourself, I highly recommend Vivere Drip Therapy. Their outstanding results and reputation make them the top choice for IV hydration therapy. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed by the level of care and quality they provide. Give them a visit, and you’ll see what I mean!

Julia Cabrera

Anne made me feel right at home during my session. She got me in one poke which was amazing and surprising because it usually takes a few tries. I wasn’t sleeping very much so I was feeling down and tired. I had the Forever Young Drip and after my session I felt much more energized and honestly felt my mood improve. I also noticed that my skin didn’t feel or look as dry a few days after having my session.
IV Hydration therapy is such a nice treat to give your body when you have put it through the works and Anne is great at what she does.

Sophie Bekele

After feeling a bit “run down” from a long 7 day stretch of working night shift, I decided to look into getting IV drip therapy. I called my sister, and she told me about a place in Carmel called Vivere Drip therapy. So, I booked an appointment online, Anne (the owner) got back to me almost immediately to confirm my appointment. I went for my appointment, and it was the best decision I made. The office was warm and cozy, and the staff was very nice and professional. Anne explained everything in detail for me since this was my first time getting IV drip therapy. She was very knowledgeable about the vitamins and what would be helpful for my current situation. 
Thank you, Anne!! I feel much more energized! Highly recommend them and I’ll be making my next appointment again real soon!

Davia Johnson

After feeling a bit “run down” from a long 7 If you havnt had a chance to experience Anne Baylis and her IV drip don’t hesitate any longer!! Her and Julia made me comfortable from the moment I arrived. They listen to what was going on and decide on just the right formulation for me that day🙏🏽 I have already booked my next appointment 🎶💯

Julie Galeano

I was feeling like a cold was coming on. I got the forever young drip with additional B vitamins and I felt great! I could feel that I still had cold-like symptoms but I wasn’t feeling sluggish or the body aches or that awful flu-like aches and pains. It was a nice support to get me through a very hard week. I could not afford to get sick or feel ill.

Mark B

Family ran practice! When you enter the lobby you are greeted by a warm and friendly atmosphere. The owner pours her years of medical knowledge into each and every session! The drip itself was hard for me (afraid of needles ) but the team were very kind and gentle. After the session I had a rush of energy for a few days!

Norman C

So far, I have had 3 drips. I am amazed at how good they make me feel. I work in the public school system and when Friday rolls around I am exhausted and drained. An I. V. Drip replenishes my body in a way that I did not think possible. I no longer feel fatigued and it Helps me have a good weekend. As far as the staff, I could not ask for a better experience. Miss Anne is amazing and the ambience of the office is very relaxing. Miss Anne make me feel like family. I don’t know why everyone isn’t getting Drip Therapy. I give Vivere a 10 out of 10.

Abigail Carter

Was visiting Monterey for a wedding and found Vivere online. A group of us girls thought it would be nice with all the traveling we did to try the drip therapy. I got the forever young formula and it was the boost I needed! Their team followed up with me afterwards to see how I was doing. Will be going back the next time I visit. 10/10 all around

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How It Works…

  • Connect with us: Online, On the Phone, or In Person
  • Consult with our Health Care Professional: Our professional will go over your health history and discuss your health goals. We will discuss which drip will help you achieve your goals.
  • Book an Appointment: Just one click online or by phone will help you book an appointment with an experienced Hydration Provider, super easy and fast.
  • Visit The Lounge or We Will Come to You:  Whatever works best for you
  • Replenish, Revitalize: Invest in you and feel alive again!


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Revitalize With Vivere IV Drip Therapy

Quality Care When You Need It!

Vivere proudly offers Concierge IV Hydration Therapy in the comfort of your home, hotel or at our premier facility, so you can feel replenished, revitalized and refreshed! Whether you are in need of Hydration And Vitamin Renewal from a night out, you’re an on the go traveler, or recovering from acute or chronic illness; From Athletes to CEO’s, we’ve got you covered. At Vivere we know how important effective care is in making a difference in the quality of your life! We passionately support you in feeling spectacular!

We can’t wait to meet you!

Revitalize With Vivere IV Drip Therapy
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Anne Baylis, Owner

Anne Baylis has twenty-nine years of experience in the healthcare industry.

As an X-Ray Technician, she literally saw first hand what depleted vitamins and dehydration can do to the body. As a Physician’s Assistant working in multi-faceted environment; from private practice to the emergency room and concierge provider.

Vivere Drip Therapy & Booze Bandage 

Vivere Drip Therapy is happy to announce our official distribution partnership of Booze Bandage‘s Hangover Prevention Patch! Booze Bandage’s Hangover Prevention Patch is a transdermal patch infused with natural Vitamin B1. It can restore the vitamin that is depleted while consuming alcohol – Simple & Effective!

Contact Us today to learn more and feel the results yourself!

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26485 Carmel Rancho Blvd. Ste. 6

Carmel, CA 93923


1188 Padre Dr. #113

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