by Erika Mehlhaff


IV Therapy for Cancer Patients. Cancer is caused by mutations to the DNA within cells in the body; it refers to a group of diseases in which these abnormal cells multiply quickly and excessively, damaging or destroying body tissues and/or functions. Treatments for cancer aim to control the cells and stop them from multiplying; treatments depend on the type but could include one or a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and/or other health therapies. 


Cancer and its treatments can cause a wide variety of intense symptoms and side effects. Symptoms of the disease itself vary depending on the type of cancer and the specific part of the body that is affected. Once diagnosed and treatment begins, symptoms can be exacerbated and side effects can develop in response to the treatment. Cancer patients often experience a weakened immune system, nausea, dehydration, tiredness, and others.


IV hydration therapy can help because IV fluids for chemo patients or those undergoing other treatments boost hydration levels and replenish vitamins and minerals. By using IV therapy for cancer patients, their symptoms often can be reduced. IV hydration is a valuable therapy for delivering fluids, electrolytes, and nutrients (and sometimes medications, too) directly into the bloodstream and helping flush out body toxins.


Sometimes, there is confusion regarding chemotherapy and infusion therapy–people often wonder if they are the same thing. Basically, there are infusion therapies for a range of diseases, including cancer. It is a treatment for giving medications intravenously, as opposed to orally or topically. Infusion treatments are commonly used to treat cancer.

For cancer patients, treatments like chemotherapy and immunotherapy are often given by infusion. Because chemotherapy drugs are extremely toxic to the body, patients often have them administered slowly through an IV drip to keep negative side effects at bay, at least to a certain extent. Though some cancer medications are taken orally, infusions are often the preferred method for receiving these drugs. Chemotherapy is one of the more common forms of infusion therapy, though many diseases are treated with medications that can be infused via IV fluid drip as well.

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