by Erika Mehlhaff

IV therapy is becoming increasingly popular as a component of health and wellness plans. IV therapy is the infusion of fluids directly into a vein to enable them to enter the body faster through the circulatory system. It is used to infuse water, nutrients, and vitamins into the bloodstream. By delivering these essentials directly into the bloodstream, IV fluid drips provide quick replenishment and relief from dehydration and other conditions for better health. But how long do IV therapy treatments take and how long do the benefits stay with you? Read on for answers to these three frequently asked questions.

How Long Does IV Therapy Last?

The duration of IV therapy treatments can vary depending on the individual needs of the patient, the fluids being administered, and the specific condition being treated. Some treatments may only take a few minutes to complete, while others can take several hours. IV fluids can make you feel better very quickly, but your therapy provider will determine when to stop administering the fluids. It takes time for your body to rehydrate depending on how dehydrated you are in the first place; but the body will only absorb the fluids it needs for as long as it needs them. Your hydration therapy provider can provide more information about what to expect for your particular situation.

How Long Do Vitamin Infusions Last?

Typically, a standard IV vitamin infusion takes between 30 minutes to one hour, including the time needed to set up the IV, monitor the treatment, and remove the IV upon completion of the infusion. However, the duration of a vitamin infusion can also depend on the specific vitamins and nutrients being infused–different conditions require different formulations. For instance, IV infusions of normal saline (which contains salt in water) can take a different amount of time than those of lactated Ringer’s (which contains sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, and lactate). Sometimes even the same fluids may require longer infusion times than others to ensure proper absorption, depending on the specific patient.

How Long Do the Benefits Last?

The benefits of IV therapy can vary in how long they last depending on the specific treatment and the individual receiving it as well. Some people may experience immediate relief and improvement in their symptoms, while others may require multiple sessions before seeing significant results. For example, the benefits of IV hydration for dehydration or electrolyte imbalances may be felt immediately, but may only last a few hours to a day, depending on the severity of the condition and the individual’s response to the treatment. On the other hand, the benefits of IV vitamin infusions may last longer, but may also require multiple sessions to achieve optimal results.

Using IV therapy as part of your overall health and wellness plan can yield many benefits. That said, it is important to note that while IV therapy benefits may last for a time, addressing any underlying condition with your doctor is key. Talk to your healthcare provider and your IV therapy provider to determine the best course of action in your case.

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