Allergies Cold Flu Monterey. Can allergies feel like a cold or flu? Monterey, CA | As the seasons change and colder weather approaches, the familiar symptoms of cold and flu start to circulate. However, sometimes people confuse these symptoms with those of allergies. Read on for more information about the difference between colds, flu, and allergies, as well as ways to handle your symptoms.

Can Allergies Feel Like a Cold or Flu?

It’s not uncommon for allergy sufferers to wonder if they have caught a cold or the flu when their symptoms flare. This is because allergy symptoms sometimes mimic those of a cold or flu. Both allergies, colds, and the flu can cause symptoms such as a runny and/or stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing, and fatigue.

Allergies are typically triggered by exposure to substances foreign to the immune system like pollen, dust mites, or pet dander while colds and the flu are both caused by viruses. Sometimes a comparison of symptoms is clear-cut, and you can determine which malady you have. Other times, however, you might need to seek assistance from a doctor or allergist.

Do you have a Cold, the Flu, or Allergies?

IV Hydration Therapy for Cold, Flu, and Allergies

Something you can use to address colds, flu, and allergies is IV hydration therapy. IV hydration therapy can potentially alleviate symptoms associated with all three conditions. When dealing with a cold or the flu, staying hydrated is essential. Dehydration can worsen cold and flu symptoms and prolong recovery. IV hydration therapy can be used to replenish fluids and essential nutrients quickly, providing relief from symptoms and promoting more efficient recovery.  As for allergies, IV hydration therapy can help similarly, especially when vitamin C is an element of the infusion because it supports immune health; and it can help flush allergens from your system as well.

The Role of Telehealth during Flu Season and Allergy Season

Can allergies feel like a cold or flu? Monterey, CA | Telehealth for remote healthcare consultations has gained immense popularity in recent years, especially during cold and flu season and to address allergies. Telehealth offers a convenient and safe way to seek advice from healthcare professionals without leaving the comfort of your home and is particularly valuable during cold and flu season when the risk of infection is higher–not waiting in crowded medical facility lobbies helps reduce the risk of spreading germs that cause illness. Patients can consult with doctors, discuss their symptoms, and receive recommendations or prescriptions for treatment–all through secure video calls or phone consultations. Talking to a healthcare professional via telehealth for personalized guidance on managing your symptoms and treatment options for colds, flu, or allergies is advantageous.

Vivere Drip Therapy, a concierge IV hydration therapy provider based in Carmel, CA, offers telehealth services and can diagnose respiratory ailments including allergies, colds, and the flu. If you are interested in learning more about IV hydration therapy and related telehealth options, do not hesitate to contact Vivere Drip Therapy online at any time or by calling 831-253-9537. If you are ready to schedule an appointment now, you can do so via the online booking site for Vivere Drip Therapy.